The Meeting is the fourth episode of Dukes of Hazzard, Series 2.


Bo and Luke drive along the highway, testing out some new shocks on General Lee when Rosco P. Coltrane soon catches them going half a mile over the speed limit with his new radar gun, but they easily lose him by making him crash into a lake. Meanwhile, a mob man named Blackjack Bender meets with Boss Hogg for a meeting place and gives him half of a $1000 bill after Boss Hogg recommends the jail. Later, Blackjack's limo breaks down, but Bo and Luke, who jumped over them in General Lee come up to them and offer Blackjack a ride. Later at Cooter's garage, Cooter (to be continued)


Enos Strate is absent from this episode and the next, having his appendix removed. Cletus Hogg temporarily replaces him.