Miz Tisdale in episode "Miz Tisdale on the lam"

Miz Tisdale

Miz Emma Tisdale (Nedra Volz) is the remarkably short Hazzard Postmistress who is very good at riding motorcycles.


Bo and luke operating the Tisdale cab

Bo and luke operating the Tisdale cab

She has had a longtime crush on Uncle Jesse. She also owned the Tisdale Cab Co. which had only one taxicab. While Miz Tisdale went to visit her mom (S03E21), Daisy temporarily worked for her at the Hazzard Post Office and Bo and Luke covered the Taxicab. She was also a reporter for the Hazzard Gazzette.

Episode appearances

  • S03E02 "Enos Strate to the Top"
  • S03E21 "The Hack of Hazzard"
  • S04E02 "Double Dukes"
  • S04E07 "Sadie Hogg Day"
  • S04E11 "Cletus Falls in Love"
  • S04E17 "Miz Tisdale on the Lam"
  • S05E03 "Lawman of The Year"
  • S05E14 "The Return of The Mean Green Machine"
  • S07E12 "Sky Bandits Over Hazzard"