The Duke Family has been in Hazzard County at least since the mid 1800 's.

19th century Dukes

20th century Dukes

The "Cousin Countin' Game"

Many people have tried to decipher the Duke's family tree in an attempt to understand how it is that so many people could be cousins, all with the last name "Duke." The last unofficial word is that Jesse Duke would have had to have come from a family of seven boys, including himself, as he would have had to have six brothers to have produced offspring named "Duke", unless Jesse had one or more sisters who married men with the surname "Duke" (a situation not out of the realm of possibility).

  • Brother 1 — Luke and Jud Kane's father (Jud Kane appeared the episode "Brotherly Love" (Episode 4, Season 6. Original airdate: October 14, 1983). He is the long lost younger brother of Luke Duke, thought to have died in a hospital fire as an infant)
  • Brother 2 — Bo's father
  • Brother 3 — Daisy's father
  • Brother 4 — Coy's father
  • Brother 5 — Vance's father
  • Brother 6 — Jeb Stewart's father. Jeb Stewart Duke appeared in the third season episode "Along Came a Duke". He rides into Hazzard on a motocross bike.
  • Brother 7 — Jesse Duke

Considering Jesse's advanced age, it is possible he may have been a great-uncle to Bo, Luke and Daisy, and thus the brother of their grandfather. As the term "cousin" has a wide range of familial applications, it isn't strictly necessary for all the various cousins depicted on the show to be first cousins.

NOTE: "Gaylord Duke" appeared in the second season episode "The Duke of Duke", claiming to be a cousin by marriage, but turned out to be a con man impersonating their real 3rd cousin from London, England where he is a priest at a halfway-house.