Many of the main characters from the Moonrunners movie and from the The Dukes of Hazzard TV series correspond to each other. The following table gives an overview over these character correspondencies.

Monrunners The Dukes of Hazzard
Image Character
Remarks Image Character
Arthur Hunnicutt as Uncle Jesse 3 Jesse Hagg
(Arthur Hunnicutt)
owner of the Hagg Farm, uncle of Grady and Bobby Denver Pyle Jesse Duke
(Denver Pyle)
owner of the Duke Farm, uncle of Bo, Luke and Daisy
James Mitchum as Grady
Grady Hagg
(James Mitchum)
nephew of Jesse, cousin of Bobby
Bo Duke
Bo Duke
(John Schneider)
nephew of Jesse, cousin of Luke and Daisy
Kiel Martin as Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee Hagg
(Kiel Martin)
nephew of Jesse, cousin of Grady
Headshot 2
Luke Duke
(Tom Wopat)
nephew of Jesse, cousin of Bo and Daisy
Chris Forbes as Beth Ann Eubanks
Beth Ann Eubanks
(Chris Forbes)
Daisy Duke
(Catherine Bach)
niece of Jesse, cousin of Bo and Luke
Jake 2 Jake Rainey
(George Ellis)
Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg
(Sorrell Booke)
Joan Blackman as Reba Rainey 2 Reba Rainey
(Joan Blackman)
Lulu Coltrane Hogg
(Peggy Rea)
Rosco Coltrane 2 Rosco Coltrane
(Bruce Atkins)
Sheriff Rosco Purvis Coltrane
(James Best)
CooterPettigrew Cooter Pettigrew
(Bill Gribble)
Cooter Davenport
(Ben Jones)
Cooter's Brother Cooter's brother
(Phil Pleasants)
Jeetersmall Jeeter Davenport
(Ben Jones)
Waylon Jennings Balladeer
(Waylon Jennings)
narrator of the story Waylon on the Dukes Balladeer
(Waylon Jennings)
narrator of the story

Other correspondencies are:

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